Kunafa dessert; introducing middle eastern delights!

Living in India, we’ve come across a diverse set of desserts adapted from various countries and other rich cultures. One of these dessert storming includes the gaining popularity of middle eastern desserts. When we speak about middle eastern desserts, the very first dish that pops into our minds is Baklava; isn’t that true? Lately, we’ve been introduced to this in a grand way. Although this newly evolved dessert is applauded, can we skip the other diverse and majestically appealing desserts? For every sweet lover, the answer comes as a big NO’. This is where we can help! Going ahead with diverse middle eastern desserts, this article aims to explore the world of Kunafa desserts and the many types of Kunafa. If you are oblivious to what a Kunafa is, we suggest you take a quick gander through this;

Top 3 creative versions of Kunafa you must try:

Cookie and Cream Kunafa:

With Cookie and Cream Kunafa, indulge in the wonderful mix of tradition and innovation. This delicacy is a delicious creation that skilfully combines the richness of traditional Kunafa pastry with the appeal of cookies and cream. A creamy, cookie-infused centre is encased in layers of delicate pastry, creating a symphony of textures and flavours in every bite. It is an extraordinary sensory experience that exceeds expectations when drizzled with sweet syrup. Level up your dessert game by rewarding yourself with this ideal blend!

Kunafa duet: Nutella and Oreo:

With our Kunafa Duet: Nutella Kunafa version, enjoy dessert perfection. You’ll be amazed by the symphony of flavours that fill this dish. Imagine layers of golden Kunafa encircling a Nutella-infused, dreamy centre that oozes decadence with each bite. But that’s not all; to add a delectable crunch and a fun twist, we’ve enhanced the experience by adding crumbled Oreos. This dessert is a work of art that combines the classic allure of Kunafa with the richness of Nutella and the nostalgia of Oreos. It’s an unforgettable voyage through tastes and textures, drizzled with a hint of sweetness. Don’t pass up the opportunity to indulge in this seasonal symphony of flavours!

Coffee Walnut Kunafa:

Coffee lovers assemble!

Presenting our Coffee Walnut Kunafa, a sensory masterpiece that combines the delicious crunch of walnuts with the rich aroma of coffee. Enjoy layers of golden, flaky kunafa pastry that have been masterfully layered with a velvety coffee-infused filling to elevate your dessert experience. But that’s not all; to add an appealing symphony of textures, we generously sprinkled crunchy walnuts on top of this dish. This dish is an investigation of flavours and sensations rather than just a sweet delight. Our Coffee Walnut Kunafa guarantees an enchanted journey into the world of culinary creation, whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a dessert fan. Enjoy a limited-edition treat that redefines sweet enjoyment because each coffee-scented item is flawless!

Kunafa flavours: How to get started?

Well, we’ve introduced the top three fancy variants and combinations of Kunafa you shouldn’t miss out on. But we understand that for a rookie person, these flavours and diversities can be flustering, and no one wants to have a bad experience! Therefore, as the Baklava box, it is our duty to help you get started with your Kunafa and Baklava journey! Initially, if you want to get your taste buds acquainted, we suggest you go for the Classic cheese Kunafa dessert. The best ingredients and culinary skills are celebrated in this masterpiece. Enjoy layers of tender, golden Kunafa pastry that enfold a sumptuous, ooey-gooey cheese filling. This is definitely a must-try for all dessert lovers! Don’t miss out on the classics as well as the fancies; for the best taste and quality Kunafa desserts,  reach out to us!